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LED Glowing Basketball

LED Glowing Basketball

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Introducing the LED Glowing Basketball - your ticket to an electrifying game, any time of the day! With a simple tap, this innovative basketball illuminates your play with two embedded LEDs, making every bounce a spectacle. The ball's self-activating light feature ensures that the game never stops; just one bounce brings it to life, and the glow automatically fades after 40 seconds of inactivity. Ready for more action? Just give it another bounce! Pre-loaded with batteries, this basketball is always prepared for an impromptu night game. Playing in the dark isn't just fun - it sharpens your reflexes, enhances precision, and adds a thrilling new dimension to your game. Stand out on the court and let your skills shine under the stars with our LED Glowing Basketball. Light up your game and leave your competition in the dark!


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